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Thank you for your interest in blue sixteen. In short : we have two seasons -spring & autumn, each season we have 5 to 6 events, typically two of them are live performances. As CINEMA STAZIONE we show studio films and as blue sixteen we have concerts, readings , etc. blue sixteen has a small stage, a Bar with moderate prices and a capacity for about 30-33 guests. The entire ticket revenue (minus 20.- for costs) is passed on to you, the musicians. Ticket price for concerts is approx. Fr. 20.- . You , unfortunately, won’t become rich here – we are to small to raise the big money for you. However, musicians and artists come to blue sixteen, because it’s special.


It’s special because of the location, its atmosphere and closeness between audience and performers, That's why musicians and artists like to return and recommend us to fellow colleagues. We, Peti & Jane, make this private and not commercial but with our ‘Herzblut’ , means with putting our hearts in it. We don’t advertise publicly but send invitations and programs by e-mail using our address list, which has currently 240 entries. We aim for quality and a certain profile of live events in blue sixteen, not everybody can perform here… However, we are also willing to take same risk, as example for new, yet undiscovered talents – but it must be ‘true’ and ‘authentic’. As an example, many years ago Olga Tucek performed here, then as a street musician, today Olga Tucek is a famous artist. Well, look who else was here and check the old programs. We got lots of compliments for our events, especially the concerts, and we like to pass them on to our artists.
Interested ? Get in contact with Jane.

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