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Once upon a time there was a cellar of sleeping beauty....

The basement of our 120 year old house was once a wine press cellar with windows to the garden. Because of it's charm we use it now in spring and autumn for occasional events as cinema and for concerts. Concerts from Tango to Jazz and films from Fellini to Tarkovsky. As a blue house with the number 16 we call it b l u e s i x t e e n and because it's on the Stationsstrasse , for films it becomes CINEMA STAZIONE.


Special about b l u e s i x t e e n is its atmosphere and intimacy between audience and performers. That's why performing musicians and artists like to return and recommend bluesixteen to their fellow colleagues.  

b l u e s i x t e e n is not commercial or profit oriented but private. Entire entry fees go to the artists. We, Peti & Jane, do it for the love of life, for our friends and people who appreciate it. Life is short. We dont advertise publicly and send invitations and programs strictly by e-mail using our address list. Guests can invite their friends or recommend us. However, reservation is necessary due to limited seats.


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